My Musical History

Robert Gilchrist Huenemann March 15, 2023

You can find information on Goldrush, a bluegrass band I was part of, and other musical topics on my web site, which is linked on my home page.

Here is a list of musical groups I was part of over the years:

Group, Location, Conductor (where known)

Grade School Lodi, CA

High School Lodi, CA

High School Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee Civic Orchestra Milwaukee, WI

University Symphony Madison, WI Richard Church

Hare’s Foot Club pit orchestra Madison, WI Robert Woollen

Oberlin College G&S Players pit Falmouth, MA

Chicago Business Men’s Orchestra Chicago, IL Herbert Zipper

Goldrush Bluegrass Band Palo Alto, CA Ray Bierl

Palo Alto Philharmonic Palo Alto, CA Gideon Grau

Nova Vista Symphony Mountain View, CA Emily Ray

Coastside Community Orchestra Half Moon Bay, CA Kay Raney

South Valley Symphony Gilroy, CA Tony Quartuccio