Budget Comments

WRASBC July 1, 2023 – June30 2024 Budget(See three attached pages for details)

Sources of revenue for WRASBC Budget:

City of San Juan Bautista $10,508.00

City of Hollister $168,128.00

Sunnyslope County Water District $168,128.00

San Benito County Water District $178,636.00


This is over half a million dollars that comes directly out of your water bill. It is used to run ads in newspapers and movie theatres,, man booths at fairs and farmers markets, and indoctrinate your children in public schools in San Benito County.

What is the WRASBC message? You can’t have a garden, a patch of lawn, or a toilet that flushes reliably.

WRASBC is part of SBCWD (San Benito County Water District), which is controlled by San Benito County agribusiness. Are they interested in saving water? No. They are interested in diverting every possible drop of water to agribusiness. Ag water is heavily subsidized by you. But they have no qualms about stealing your water.

The WRASBC budget is carefully hidden from you. The water conservation program manager was paid $127,072.22 in 2021. He has a paid assistant whose salary is carefully hidden. This is outrageous. Why does your water provider contribute to this fraud?