2022 Election Statement

2022 Candidate Statement for Robert Gilchrist Huenemann

In 1776, Adam Smith wrote “The Wealth of Nations”. He spelled out, for the first time, the free market concept. But Smith also explained how every participant attempts to distort markets to their own benefit. Nowhere is that more true than in agribusiness, which has a whole set of elaborate stories that they have been telling you for decades. It goes like this – give us everything we want or you will go hungry. That is simple blackmail. It is time to call their bluff. The San Benito County Water District is run by a five member board, all of whom cater to agribusiness.

I have two degrees in Electrical Engineering.  I purchased my home in San Benito County in 1983. For 39 years, I have closely followed the policies and operation of the San Benito County Water District. I am running because I have no direct or indirect ties to agribusiness. If elected, I will use my vote to advocate for free market principles in water policies. You have a choice. Please give me your vote if you believe in free markets, or if you are paying too much for water.