SBCWD Elections

Robert Gilchrist Huenemann March 24, 2023

I ran for the San Benito County Water District (SBCWD) in 2014 and was elected.

On February 1, 2016 I voted against raising your water rates.

I ran in 2018 and got 2929 (32.50%) of the votes.

I ran in 2022 and got 2022 (46.53%) of the votes.

The SBCWD has an annual budget of 15 million dollars. You pay most of this through your water bill (your water company ‘buys’ your water from SBCWD) and from your property taxes (0.25% of the assessed value of your land). The property tax shows up on your tax bill as SB WATER – SAN FELIPE. If you rent, your landlord pays this tax and adds it to your rent. You pay most of the bill for SBCWD, but agribusiness gets most of the SBCWD water. Click HERE to see SBCWD propaganda.

The Water Resources Association of San Benito County (WRASBC) is part of the SBCWD. You cannot tell this from looking at either website. The WRASBC has an annual budget of $350,000. You pay most of this. The WRASBC uses your money to tell you that you cannot have a patch of lawn or a toilet that actually flushes. You have seen their ads. They do NOTHING to encourage wise agribusiness water use, which is the lion’s share of water in San Benito County. If elected, I will vote to eliminate the WRASBC. Click HERE to see WRASBC propaganda.