How I Vote

How do I vote?

I was not born in San Benito County. I do not vote for anyone who was born in San Benito County.

I have no ties to agribusiness. I do not vote for anyone who has ties to agribusiness.

I am not trying to tell anyone else how they should vote. But agribusiness runs this county – for their own benefit. Cheap water is only the start. They have the ag commission. And the county fair. The high school teaches ag classes. Services such as roads and law enforcement in south county cost a fortune in travel time. There is the 4-H club. And farm labor camps. And emergency room medical services.

We pay 90 percent of the property tax that makes these agribusiness subsidies possible. I hope for a day when San Benito County government reflects the population, serves the population equally and taxes the population fairly. I also hope for a day when we can afford more law enforcement. Of course this will only happen if you run for office. When that day comes, I will not have to put conditions on my vote.

Robert Gilchrist Huenemann 2014