New Orleans Trad Jazz

Rbert Gilchrist Huenemann March 15, 2023

I have attached some of my previous pages dealing with Traditional, Classic or New Orleans Jazz, sometimes referred to as Dixieland Jazz.

I have divided Traditional Jazz into two parts:

Classic Traditional Jazz tunes were those written between 1897 (Mississippi Rag, by William Henry Krell, one of many rags that became part of the trad band repertoire, and recorded by the Fire House Five Plus Two in 1951) and 1956 (Toll Gate Blues and Wrought Iron Rag, by Wilbur de Paris). The peak of this era was in the 1920s, with some 134 tunes being written in that decade. It was an East Coast, Southern and Midwest phenomena.

The Traditional Jazz Revival era ran from 1942 (Trombone Rag, by Melvin Edward Alton “Turk” Murphy) to 1995 (Cassoulet Stomp and Hambone Kelly, by Jacques Gauthe). The Revival started in the San Francisco Bay area and was a conscious effort by Turk Murphy and Lucius Carl “Lou” Watters to recreate the sound of the Classic groups.

As for current efforts on both coasts, the less said the better. In my humble opinion.