2014 Election Statement

I am retired after 45 years in electrical engineering. My MSEE is from Illinois Institute of Technology and I have one patent. If elected to the Board of Directors of the San Benito County Water District (SBCWD), I will vote against any increase in urban water rates or property taxes.

Agribusiness uses 80 percent of San Benito County water. The SBCWD Board is dominated by members in agribusiness. If you live in Hollister, Sunnyslope or Tres Pinos or have a mutual water company, they charge you seven times more for well water than they charge agribusiness.

SBCWD gets 5.6 million dollars in property tax. This shows up on your tax bill as SB WATER – SAN FELIPE. Agribusiness only pays $800,000 or 14 percent of this tax.  

SBCWD owes $100 million, with balloon payments that start in 2017.  Who will make those payments?

If you care about any of this, please register and vote for me. There are two potential swing votes on the SBCWD Board. I will try to work with them to protect urban water users. I have no ties to agribusiness. Please give me your vote. For more information, google “sbcwaterinfo” (one word in quotes).

Robert Gilchrist Huenemann