Good Old Boys

The Good Old Boys (and Girls) of San Benito County

The Breen family arrived in San Juan Bautista in 1848.

Schuyler Hain moved to San Benito County in the late 1800s.

Joseph Bettencourt moved to San Benito County in 1910.

Beverly Winter Tobias moved to San Benito County with her parents in 1935.

Herman Botelho lived in San Benito County in 1936.

Robert Frusetta is a fourth generation resident of San Benito County.

Jerry Muenzer is a third generation resident of San Benito County.

If you are new to San Benito County, why would you vote for any member of these families? Or anyone who brags about how long their family has lived in San Benito County? Do you think for one minute that they are looking out for your interests? Do you want them on the Board of Supervisors, the Superior Court bench, the water agencies, or any other public body?  If you were not born here, why in the world would you ever, ever vote for anyone who was born in San Benito County?

These families don’t have to commute. They oppose any widening of our roads, and any new businesses that they do not own. Do yourself a favor and vote for candidates like yourself who are first generation residents of San Benito County, and who are not mired in a nineteenth century plantation mentality.

Robert Gilchrist Huenemann 2014